Flaneur in the rain - ii

Suppose you're sauntering about Saint-Germain, Paris, from one cafe to the next, staying only as long as it takes you to knock down a few Brilliant problems. You're wrapping up at Brasserie Lipp and want to go to Cafè de Flore, which is \(\text{80 m}\) away.

The only problem is: it's pouring rain!

If you run across between the cafes at speed \(v_0=\text{3 m/s}\), how much water (in grams) do you absorb?


  • Approximate yourself as a shape with a vertical cross section of \(A_\text{head}= \text{0.3 m}^2\), and horizontal cross section \(A_\text{body} = \text{1 m}^2\).
  • The density of the rain in the air \(\rho_\text{rain} = 0.8\text{ g/m}^3\)
  • The rain falls at terminal velocity \(v_\text{rain} = \text{9 m/s}\)
  • All the rain that hits your body is absorbed.

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