Foolish α\alpha Particle in Variable Magnetic Field

Let a variable magnetic field exist in XYZXYZ plane only in 1st quadrant, such that its magnitude is varying with distance xx (B=B0x)(B={ B }_{ 0 }x) and direction in positive ZZ-axis.

Now an α\alpha-particle of mass mm and charge qq enters in this magnetic field at origin with velocity V0{V}_{0} and direction in positive XX-axis.

Then find the radius of curvature of trajectory of particle at the instant when the particle displaced maximum distance in XX-direction

Details and assumptions

1)B0=1.67×1027T{ B }_{ 0 }=1.67\times { 10 }^{ -27 }T

2)V0=1.28×1018m/s{ V }_{ 0 }=1.28\times { 10 }^{ -18 }m/s

3)mα=6.68×1027Kg{ m }_{ \alpha }=6.68\times { 10 }^{ -27 }Kg

4)qα=3.2×1019C{ q }_{ \alpha }=3.2\times { 10 }^{ -19 } C

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