Force on Strip in YDSE!

Figure shows two identical narrow slits S1S_1 and S2S_2.

A very small completely absorbing strip is placed at distance 'yy' from the point CC.

'CC' is the point on the screen equidistant from S1S_1 and S2S_2.

Assume (λ<<d<<D\lambda << d << D) where λ,d\lambda, d and DD have usual meaning.

When S2S_2 is covered, the force due to light acting on strip is 'FF' and when both slits are opened the force acting on strip is 2F2F. Minimum positive 'yy' (<<D<<D) coordinate of the strip in terms of λ,d\lambda, d and DD is λD2md\frac{\lambda D}{2md}.

What is the value of mm?


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