Forgotten Greetings

Logic Level 2

Seth and Jacob go to the same school. On the first day of school Seth said to Jacob, "Hi, my name is Seth whats yours?" Quickly Jacob replies, "my name is Jacob. It's nice to meet you!"

They went on to become best friends. Seth didn't think it would last forever on it's own. Seth had to come up with something to keep them together. "Wanna come to my house this Saturday?," Seth asked Jacob. "Sure! What are we going to do?" he replied

"Lets play a Q&A game!"

On Saturday they started the game. "Alright I'll go first!," Jacob says. "What is your middle name Seth?" "Its Fitzgerald," replies Seth. "Alright so my turn. What is your middle name?" "That's the same question but alright, my middle name is Scott," replies Jacob.

The questions go on all night and in the morning, the boys star laughing about all the questions. "Where did we start?," asks Seth.

"I dunno," replies Jacob.

"What was the first question you asked me Jacob?," asked Seth

What was the first question that Jacob had asked Seth?


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