Geometry + Mechanics = Geonics

Let us consider an Regular n-sided Polygon of side length d , Initially n identical particles each of mass m are placed rest at the vertices of the polygon. Then at time t=0 they start moving with constant speed vo{ v }_{ o } each such that they always moves in direction towards the adjacent particle. Let the total time taken by particles when they meets is T .

If circum-radius of the Regular polygon is R and it's in-radius is r .

If the value of
rR=1(xy×dvoT)\frac { r }{ R } \quad =\quad \sqrt { 1-\quad (\cfrac { x }{ y } \times \frac { d }{ { v }_{ o }T } ) }.

Then Find value of 1729×xy1729\quad \times \quad \cfrac { x }{ y } \quad

Details and assumptions

\bullet x and y are positive co-prime integers.

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