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Calculus Level 3

Arrange the following in descending order :\[\color {green}{\sqrt [1]{1},\sqrt [2]{2},\sqrt [3]{3},\sqrt [4]{4},\sqrt [5]{5},\sqrt [6]{6},\sqrt [7]{7}}\]

If the arrangement is of the form \(\sqrt [n_{1}]{n_{1}},\sqrt [n_{2}]{n_{2}},\ldots\sqrt [n_{7}]{n_{7}}\),find the value of \(\overline {n_{1}n_{2}n_{3}\ldots n_{7}}\).

  • in case of \(\sqrt[4]{4},\sqrt [2]{2}\),enter \(4\) first and then \(2\).i.e. \(\overline {\ldots42\ldots}\).
  • This problem is created by me.
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