Go, Super Boomers!

In an interscholar football (soccer) championship, Alfred and Bruce are playing for their school. In a team of 11 players, 2 will be chosen to name the team however they want. Alfred and Bruce decided that, if they both got chosen, they would name the team "Super Boomers". Also, if only one of them gets chosen, they would try to convince the other player to accept the name they had created. Alfred, as the popular boy he is, has a chance of 80% of convincing the other player to accept the name. Bruce, more reserved and shy, has only a 40% chance of convincing him. What is the probability of the team receiving the name "Super Boomers"?


  • Consider that, if they both get chosen, the chance of the name being chosen is 100%.

  • Every player has a equal chance of being chosen.

  • Neglect the lack of creativity of Alfred and Bruce in choosing a good name.


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