Gotta go fast!

Logic Level 2

4 People, Alan, Ben, Chris and David, were sprinting 100 meters to see who could run the fastest.

Everybody had to run in two races to find an average.

Only one runner finished in the same place in both races.

Alan was never last. Chris always beat David. Ben had at least one first place. Alan was third in at least one of the races. Both David and Chris had a second place. David placed second in the FIRST race.

What were the standings?

Please write your answer as XXXX.XXXX

Example: 1234.4321 means Alan was first in the second race and last in the first one, Ben was third in the first race and second in the first race, etc.

1 = Alan, 2 = Ben, 3 = Chris, 4 = David.


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