Grade 8 - Algebra #5

Algebra Level 3

There is a pond with a perimeter of 3 km.

Tom and Jerry stood at one point on the pond's perimeter and ran towards different directions along the perimeter. It took them 15 minutes to meet each other for the first time.

After meeting each other, Tom turned back and went to the opposite direction of where he had been going, and Jerry continued going to the direction of where he had been going.

Tom bumped into Jerry's back after 40 minutes from when they had started running in the same direction. Then, how long does it take for Jerry to go around the pond's perimeter once completely? Answer in minutes.

Detail: Ignore the width of the path, and the body size of Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry run at a constant speed throughout the whole process, where Tom runs faster than Jerry.

Image source: Kasco Maritiem - Pond Health And Beauty

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