Guessing game!

Number Theory Level pending

One day, Rashed and Rimi, two friends who claim to be best friends forever desire to spend some time in peace somewhere away from the busyness of the world. Rashed suggests the local park to be the perfect choice for them. Rimi agrees with his opinion and, so they go there and sit on a bench nearby a lake in the park, appreciating the tranquillity and natural beauty of their surrounding.

Rimi suddenly brings up the topic of birthday celebration. Together they discuss what an ideal birthday celebration will be like. Rimi secretly plans on arranging a surprise birthday party for Rashed. At the end of their discussion, she asks Rashed his birthdate.

Rashed, however, refuses to tell his birthdate. He tells her to guess it. He gives Rimi some clues that will aid her in guessing his birthdate.

The clues are following-

Both values of the day and month of Rashed’s birth date are cubic numbers.

These two numbers add up to 35.

His year of birth is 1996.

Rimi is not confident that she can solve this problem all by herself. Therefore, she requests your help as you happen to be a very dear friend of her. Now, it's your job to solve the problem.

For clarification: Type your answer in this form - MD1996. Suppose- Month is 12, Day is 23. Then, the answer will be typed as- 12231996. Remember: the answer must contain 8 digits. No more, no less! If any or both of the day or month values are single digit, you should put a '0' in front. Hope you get it!


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