Gym grades for second term seniors

Algebra Level 2

There's a second term senior. Let's call him Bill.

  • As soon as second term starts, the first day of second term (Monday, Feb. 8) he receives 3/3 (100%) for his gym participation grade. So far so good.
  • However, the second day of second term (Tuesday, Feb. 9), it snowed really hard, so he wore boots instead to gym, so he got a 1/3 for participation (33.33...%).
  • As a result, his total gym grade dropped to a 66.66%.

If the senior shapes up after seeing that grade and gets perfect participation (3/3) every day, and the total gym grade is the average of all participation grades, how many days MINIMUM will it take for the senior to recuperate to at least a total grade of 90% in gym?


  • You're not counting days 1 and 2 in your answer.
  • No school on weekends, but there are 7 days in a week.

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