Happy hour prices Part-3(revised)

Algebra Level pending

A bar is offering greatly reduced prices on their draft beer during their happy hour. (See above image for menu prices)

If a group of friends decide that they want to drink a total of \(25\) liters, how much would it cost them(minimum)?

Details and assumptions:

  • The bartender doesn't know mathematics, and he always gives:

1) \($2\) extra for each \(\dfrac 12\)L drink you buy,

2) \($4\) extra for each \(1\)L drink you buy and,

3) \($11\) extra for each \(2\)L drink that you buy

  • For example, if you buy a \(1\)L drink and pay him \($50\), he will give you \($44\) instead of \($40\).

  • You can buy at most ten \(\dfrac 12\)L drink.

  • You can buy drinks in natural numbers, i.e. you can't buy \(12.5\) glasses of \(2\)L drink.

  • You have just got \($50\) bills with you.

Try solving the creator version and it's second part too! Also if you would like to have some fun read this!!!

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