Harry Potter is curious

Logic Level 2

HarryPotter\mathfrak{Harry Potter}, one of the greatest wizards of time, went to the Forbidden Forest, for he was curious. He shouted, with his wand pointed downwards, "Accio Resurrection Stone!" And there it was, the Stone was on his hands again.

He was curious of the Peverell brothers i.e. Antioch, Cadmus, and Ignotus. He used the stone to communicate with the brothers. However, when he saw them, he thought, "Beedle the Bard's beard! They all look the same!" Just after he said that, Beedle the Bard appeared.

"Harry, I know what you ask for, since you lack information. Only a few people know that Antioch was a habitual liar, Cadmus was a truthful man, and Ignotus sometimes lies and sometimes tells the truth." Then Beedle the Bard vanished.

Harry asked the first man who the second man was, and he got an answer of "Antioch". He then asked the second man who the third man was, and he got an answer of "Cadmus". Lastly, he asked the third man who was the first man and he got an answer of "Ignotus".

Who is the second man?

Image credit: Harry Potter Wiki, Accio spell

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