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During an exercise stress test, a patient's cardiac output (C.O.) was monitored throughout the 15-minute exercise period while the resting C.O. was 5 L/min.

As shown in the diagram, for t<3, the C.O. correlated to the function:

f(t) = \(\frac{26}{1+e^{-2t}}\) - 8.

From t=3 to t=12, the C.O. reached a plateau with a function:

f(t) = 18.

When t>12, the patient slowed his pace down, and the function during recovery phase was:

f(t) = \(\frac{-26}{1+e^{-2(t-12)}}\) + 31.

What is the average C.O. during this exercise period in L/min.?

Hint: You may not need a calculator for this.


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