Heat on rod!

Two straight metallic strips each of thickness tt and length ll are riveted together. Their coefficients of linear expansion are α1\alpha_1 and α2\alpha_2. If they are heated through a temperature of Δt\Delta t, the bimetallic strip will bend to form an arc of radius r.r.

Find r.r.

  • (a)  t(α1+α2)Δt\ \dfrac t{(\alpha_1 + \alpha_2) \Delta t}
  • (b)  t(α2α1)Δt\ \dfrac t{(\alpha_2-\alpha_1) \Delta t}
  • (c)  (α1+α2)Δt\ {(\alpha_1+\alpha_2) \Delta t}
  • (d)  (α2α1)Δt\ {(\alpha_2-\alpha_1) \Delta t}

Type 1 for option (a), 2 for option (b), 3 for option (c), or 4 for option (d).


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