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I have a girlfriend and i got her phone and tried to unlock her phone using security codes but i forgot the combinations and i asked her and haven't told me so i tried a lot of times till i got the correct combination of numbers. So in response of her trip of not saying me the correct code i changed the code of her phone and give it to her. When she tried to unlock the code she can't get the combination and asked me and give her a piece of paper with this equations and ask to solve the value of x, y and z for the combination of security codes. Question, what combination that you can advice to my girlfriend if you sneak on the piece of paper that i gave to her.

This is the written equations in the pc. of paper.

x + y + z = 58

2x + 95y + 2.54z = 1157.36

6x + 315 y + 0.02 z = 3543.68

2x + 14 y + 16 z = 724


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