Help Reyna Open the Safe

Logic Level 2

Reyna loves solving puzzles. One day, she is asked to open a safe that is 7 numbers long. She is given an assortment of clues to solve this puzzle: 1.) The sum of the first and last number is the middle number
2.) Each number in this code is used once and is one-digit
3.) The second number is a perfect square
4.) When the first number is multiplied twice, the product is the third number and when the first number is multiplied three times, it equals the second number
5.) The fifth number is prime, and when added to the sixth number, the sum is 13 6.) The last number is also a perfect square, and, when multiplied by two, equals the sixth number
7.) The middle number is one away from the third number and two away from the fifth number 8.) The sums of the first and second number are the same as the sum of the fourth and fifth numbers, and that is the same as the sum of the last two numbers

I think this is enough information to crack the code. Now you can help Reyna open that safe.


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