Too Much Sugar In My Coffee

Algebra Level 5

Chino, Cocoa, Rize, Sharo, Chiya, Megu, and Maya sat around a circular table, in that order, drinking coffee. Chino always finds coffee too sweet, so she shared her coffee uniformly with the other cups, emptying her cup in the process.

Proceeding counterclockwise, each of the other girls, in turn, did the same. After the seventh girl had shared her coffee, the initial content of each cup was restored. The initial amount of coffee in all the cups added up to 3 litres.

The initial amount of coffee in Chino's cup can be represented as \(\frac{A}{B}\) litres, where \(A\) are \(B\) are relatively prime positive integers. Input your answer as \(A+B\).

Reference: Anime: Is The Order A Rabbit?
This question is part of the problem set Mathematics in Anime

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