How do they do it?

Let a charge Q\displaystyle Q be held fixed in space. Another charge q\displaystyle q of mass mm is thrown with a velocity of v\displaystyle v from an infinitely far place, as shown in the figure, such that it is at a separation of d\displaystyle d initially.

Find the minimum distance (in m) between the two charges.

Details and Assumptions

\bullet Q=5 μC\displaystyle Q = 5\ \mu C
\bullet q=1 μC\displaystyle q = 1\ \mu C
\bullet d=3 cm\displaystyle d = 3\text{ cm}
\bullet v=2 m/sec\displaystyle v = 2 \text{ m/sec}
\bullet m=1 g\displaystyle m = 1\text{ g}


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