How do you measure 4 liters of water from 5 and 3 liter bottles?

Logic Level 2

You have an infinite water supply. You want to measure 4 liters of water but you only have a 5 liter jug and a 3 liter jug, which have no liter markings on them. As a move, you can either fill a jug up completely, pour a jug's contents to another until the former is empty or the latter is full, or throw away a jug's contents. (Without any marking, these are all you can do.)

Is it really possible to measure 4 liters of water in one of the jugs? If so, what is the least amount of water (in liters) that you will have to waste (by pouring it away)?

Clarification: The image above is just for illustration. In actuality, there is no empty container being used. When you have one jug containing 4 liters, the other jug may contain anything; its contents aren't counted as wasted.


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