How many ice cubes?

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How many ice cubes do you need to cool down 200g200g water from 25C25^{\circ}C to 5C5^{\circ}C, if each cube is 6,4cm36,4cm^3 and 5C-5^{\circ}C?(You drop them into the water)
Here are some constants:
cw=4200JkgKc_w=4200\frac{J}{kg\cdot K}
ci=2100JkgKc_i=2100\frac{J}{kg\cdot K}
Li=3.3105JkgL_i=3.3\cdot 10^5\frac{J}{kg}
ρi=900kgm3\rho _i=900\frac{kg}{m^3}

If your answer is in x.y\overline{x.y} format, where y<2y<2, then enter xx, else if y2y\geq2 enter x+1x+1.

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