How to look feminine amid 3 macho men

One day, when Brenda's three brothers - Charles, Darius and Alfred - first got their motorbikes, she wanted to take a photo with her brothers starting their motorbikes.

Her brothers decided to line their three motorbikes in a certain row but she was considering whether to stand among the motorbikes or to ride pillion on one of them.

To look even more feminine, she narrowed down her attire to the following possibilities:

  • 2 sleeveless blouses

  • 2 crop T-shirts

  • 2 pairs of hot pants

  • 3 skirts

  • 4 dresses

  • 3 pairs of high heels

To enhance the effect, she also considered posing in the photo in one of the following ways:

  • Puckering her pretty red lips

  • Smiling with her teeth exposed

Finally, Brenda was also thinking of whether to do a piece sign in the photo.

How many different ways are there for Brenda to appear in the photo?

Details and assumptions

  • Brenda's dresses cover her whole body. If she doesn't wear them, she needs clothing for both her upper and lower body to look decent.
  • Brenda must have footwear.

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