How To (Maybe) Marry A King's Daughter

Logic Level 1

You are on an island where there are three types of people: TRUTHERS who always tell the truth, LIARS who always lie, and ORDINARY people who sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lie. The King has decreed that his daughter must marry only an ORDINARY person.

As it happens, you are an ORDINARY person, and you and the King's daughter have fallen in love with each other. The King will permit you to marry her if you can pass a test. He is an excellent logician. If you can make a single statement that meets two conditions, you can marry the daughter.

1) Your statement must prove to the King that you are an ORDINARY person.

2) Your statement must make it impossible for the King to determine whether it is true or false.

Is it possible to make a single statement that is guaranteed to win you the King's daughter?


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