How was Hubble Space Telescope deployed?

Calculus Level 4

The Hubble Space Telescope was deployed on April 24, 1990, by the space shuttle Discovery. A model for the velocity of the shuttle during this mission, from liftoff at \(t=0\) until the solid rocket boosters were jettisoned at \(t=126\) , is given by:


( in feet per second) . Referring to this model, if the integer part of the absolute maximum and minimum values of the acceleration (in feet per second square) of the shuttle between liftoff and the jettisoning of the booster is \(I_1\) and \(I_2\) respectively, compute \(I_1+I_2\) .

Details and Assumptions:

  • Since this is a real life application problem, the numbers look tedious. So use of a four-function calculator (only) is allowed.

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