Hypo Chemistry !!

Chemistry Level 2


In a hypothetical world of CHEMISTRY, The Standard free energy is defined at 0 Kelvin & 1 atm pressure.

While a scientist was doing experiment (at a pressure of 1 atm and with all ideal conditions ) In his reaction , the Enthalpy varied as T raised to power 3 .

The spontaneity (S) varied as T.

Then find the value of Equilibrium constant (k) When reaction goes from 0 Kelvin to 6 Kelvin respectively.

Answer would be in format , e raised to power x (where x is integer )

Here T defines Temperature And All the quantities are in their respective standard units.

Y = |x| + 4 divided by 100. ( | | represents modulus function )

Then type Y as your answer.

Take value of R (universal constant ) be 1 divided by 12 (1/12) Also , if you think the conditions or question has some flaw , you may enter your answer as 0.

Thanks for having look at my question. ( sorry for inconvenience as I don’t know to use much Latex)


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