I borrowed a dictionary from Ashish!

I have an essay assignment due next week. To improve the vocab in my essay, I borrowed a dictionary from my Math classmate Ashish.

The thing is, Ashish tricked me! Instead of a regular English dictionary, he lent me a very, very weird dictionary. This dictionary has only one word in each page, printed in huge fonts. Besides that, this dictionary only contains all possible 9-letter words formed from the alphabets:


I wanted to throw this dictionary into the dustbin, but I suddenly thought of something. "BRILLIANT" spelled backwards is "TNAILLIRB", and I'd like to know what that means.

However, I cannot find that word at all. The dictionary arranges the words in alphabetical order, but there is no index or list of contents to help me find the word.

Therefore, I need your help! The first word, "ABIILLNRT", is in page one, so which page contains the word "TNAILLIRB"?


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