I gave it a little complexity!

\[\large Q=\{ 1,7,2,9 \}\]

a). Total number of subsets of \(P(Q)\) is more than \(1729\).

b). Number of subsets of \(Q\)= Cardinal no. of \(P(Q)\).

c). There exist some \(t\) such that \(t \in P(Q) \ \text{and} \ t \subseteq P(Q)\).

d). If \(y \in P(Q) \implies y \subseteq Q\)

e). Number. of elements common in \(Q\) and \(P(Q)\) is \(0.\)

f). Number. of set(s) which is(are) subsets of both \(Q\) and \(P(Q)\) is \(0.\)

Which of the above statements are correct?

Note : \(P(Q)\) represents the Power Set (Set of all the subsets of the given set) of \(Q\).

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