I hate depts

Number Theory Level pending

Jason wants to buy a shirt he thought was worth 97 Ha-Has.

He borrowed 50 Ha-Has from his dear Mother and 50 Ha-Has from his dear Father. Having a toal of 100 Ha-Has, he goes off to buy the shirt. He was given 3 Ha-Has as change.

Since he is a dear Child, he just returned 1 Ha-Ha to his dear mother and 1 Ha-Ha to his dear Father.

Now he THOUGHT he owe his dear mother 49 Ha-Has and his dear Father 49 Ha-Has. Adding these two up, he got 98 Ha-Has. Adding the remaining 1 Ha-Ha, he gets a total of 99 Ha-Has. He is MISSING 1 Ha-Ha.

How much (in Ha-Has) is his real dept to each of his dear parents?


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