Eggs aren't veg

If every letter corresponds a unique digit in decimal system and TOM+GIVES=MOST+TIME\overline{TOM}+\overline{GIVES} = \overline{MOST}+ \overline{TIME} Find the value of EGG+IS+VEG\overline{EGG}+ \overline{IS} + \overline{VEG}

Details and assumptions:

\bullet If (A,B,C,D)=(1,2,3,4)(A,B,C,D) =(1,2,3,4) , then BAD=214\overline{BAD} = 214 .

\bullet Everything is in decimal representation and every letter corresponds to one unique digit. That is why this has exactly one solution.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Genetic Algorithm by Yearofthedragon

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