Identifying an Organic Compound

Chemistry Level 5

Let the molecular formula of the compound be \( \ce{C_x H_y O_z} \).
The following observations were made on the sample

  • The compound gave Red colour with Ceric Ammonium Nitrate .
  • The compound gave Iodoform test.
  • The compound reacted with 3 moles of Grignard Reagent .
  • The compound reacted with \( \ce{NaHCO3} \) and evolved \( \ce{CO2} \) gas.
  • The compound reactes with 2,4-DNP.
  • The compound has no branched chain and has IHD value equal to 2.
  • On heating, it gave \(\alpha, \beta\) unsaturated Carboxylic acid (with other functional groups also there ).
  • The compound is found to have \( ( 2n - 1 ) \) Carbon atoms, where \(n\) is the number of Oxygen atoms in the compound.

Enter your answer as \( x × y × z × n \) , where n denotes the number of functional groups present in the compound.

The following functional groups may be present

\(\ce{-COOR , -COOH , epoxy , -OH , -CO- , -CHO}\).


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