If it's not about pion versus photon, what else can it be?

A bit of briefing.

We all know that strong nuclear forces are short range forces whereas electromagnetic forces are long-range forces. In case of electromagnetic forces photons are the exchange particles , but it is pions in case of strong nuclear forces.

Which of the following difference in properties of the strong nuclear force and electromagnetic force, or the difference properties of these exchange particles account for the fact that the strong nuclear forces are short ranged when compared to the long-range electromagnetic forces?

A)charge associated with the particles.
B)Rest Mass associated with the particles.
C)Spin associated with the particles.
D)Speed of the particles.
E)the above hypothesis is experimental and not theoretical.
F)Its a law of nature and it happens so as to strike balance between strength and range of the fundamental forces.
G)None of the above reason are appropriate .
Mark the correct answer as your option.

Inspiration: Developed it from one of the questions asked to me in the KVPY interview round.

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