Illogical Logic

Logic Level 2

Hey, you won't believe me, but last summer I made a very special trip with my family. Today, 11 June 2016, I'm writing this because I'll always remember that. We were on our boat when we discovered an island that didn't appear in any map, but is was not a normal island... There were plenty of enormous civilized good-looking animals (Mr. Snake made a drawing about the situation, but he didn't knew how to draw persons... anyway, I look perfect).

So, it was all very strange. The animals that usually are carnivores there were herbivorous and vice versa (example: the lion was herbivorous and the rabbit carnivore). As I saw, herbivorous always tells the truth, and carnivores always lies.

When I just arrived to that island, I got so crazy, and, because I thought I could be dreaming, I asked to a zebra if that was real. Then, the following conversation started:

  • B - If you are dreaming, then the rabbit is true
  • A - If I'm real, you are dreaming
  • D - If I am real, there would be no plants on this land, and the zebra would try to eat me if she is hungry.
  • C - If I am real, you could hurt yourself and do not feel pain.

Therefore, was I dreaming or was it real?

HINTS: - Some unexpected information may be important for solving this problem - As it's names indicate, it is a logic problem, therefore apply your logic :)

REMEMBER that, as you can see on the picture above drawn by Mr. Snake, if you look to the phrases, letter A corresponds to the zebra, B to the elephant, C to the rabbit and D to the lion.


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