I'm Gonna Troll You. !!

Algebra Level pending

Once a bet was carried out between a Goblin and a Troll that who is the fastest. They decided that one of them will climb up a hill and other down the hill. The Goblin showing some signs of wisdom chose to climb up.

Race started. The track was \(750\)meters. The goblin maintained a constant speed of \(2 m/s \) with breaks of \(5\) minutes after every \(100\) meters. The Troll on the other hand maintained a speed of \(3 m/s\) with breaks of \(5\) minutes after every \(50\) meters. He was regretting why he never did push ups,sit ups etc.(He probably was greatly lacking stamina).

When the race was finished they both met at a point. If Goblin's feet covered \(x\) meters to reach that point what was the distance covered by Troll's feet ?

This is an entry in the Troll King Contest.


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