In a Line

Algebra Level 1

There are 4 students in a line, two 9th Graders and two 10th graders. Each grade has 1 boy and 1 girl. 1 and 2 represent the 9th Graders where 1 is the boy and 2 is the girl. 3 and 4 represent the 10th Graders where 3 is the boy and 4 is the girl. The following were observed :

  • There is a boy at the leftmost of the line
  • Two 10th Graders are not next to each other
  • Two Girls are next to each other
  • 4 is at the rightmost of the line
  • If 1 is the leftmost then 3 is not in front or at the back of 2

Find the arrangement of the students from lest to right.


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