India vs Pak

Algebra Level 4

India after finishing their batting , challenged a target of 300300 runs in 5050 overs against Pakistan in cricket World Cup 20152015.Now , to win the match , Pakistan had to do 301301 runs in 5050 overs. However , Pakistan did not manage to catch upto 301301 runs but all their players were out when they made 224224 runs. At that time , 33 overs were still remaining. Let R1R_1 be the required run-rate for Pakistan to win the match by scoring the runs to win the match runs in 3 overs, R2R_2 was their current run-rate .

If R1R2R_1 - R_2 can be expressed as ab\frac{a}{b} where , a,ba , b are co-prime positive integers , Find a+ba + b

DetailsDetails AndAnd Assumptions:Assumptions: RunRate=Number,of,runs,madeOvers,consumedRunRate = \frac{Number,of,runs,made}{Overs,consumed}

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