India vs South Africa (1st1^{st} legendary win by India!)

Algebra Level 2

India after finishing their batting , had set up a target of 307307 runs in 5050 overs against South Africa in cricket World Cup 20152015.In achieving this,22 players of India played fabulous.One was Shikhar Dhawan who scored 137137 runs , and the other was Ajinkya Rahane who scored 7979 runs.However , South Africa did not manage to score 307307 runs but lost all her wickets after scoring 177177 runs , at this time South Africa still had 1010 overs in hand.If the sum of scores of Shikhar and Ajinkya is only considered as the score of India(Scores of other players not taken into account) , assuming that South Africa still had some wickets and 1010 overs in hand ,

Find the required run-rate for South Africa to win this match(not to draw).

DetailsDetails AndAnd Assumptions:Assumptions: RunRate=Number,of,runs,madeOvers,consumedRunRate = \frac{Number,of,runs,made}{Overs,consumed}

Congratulations INDIAINDIA for her mind blowing 1st1^{st} world cup win over South Africa.

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