Inductor + Capacitors

Two capacitors of capacitances C1C_1 and C2C_2 are connected in series with an inductor of inductance LL. Initially the capacitors have charge such that VBVA=4V0V_B-V_A=4V_0 across C1C_1 and VCVD=V0V_C-V_D=V_0 across C2C_2. Now if

a) Maximum current in circuit is ξ\xi.

b) Potential drop across C1C_1 is μ\mu at that instant.

c) Potential drop across C2C_2 is η\eta at that instant.

d) Equation of current flowing towards left in the inductor is given by i=ψ(sin(ωtς))i= \psi \left( \sin { \left( \frac { \omega t }{ \varsigma } \right) } \right) .

Find ξ+μ+η+ψ+ω+ς \xi +\mu +\eta +\psi +\omega +\varsigma.

Details And Assumptions:

  • C0=2FC_0=2F

  • L=13 HL=\dfrac 13 \ H

  • V0=4 voltV_0=4 \ \text{volt}

  • Initially the current in the circuit is zero.

  • ω\omega and ς\varsigma are co-prime.


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