Inspired by Aniket Sanghi! (Inorganic chemistry 1)

Chemistry Level 4

Choose the number of correct statements from the following

Hydrogen resembles halogens in forming diatomic molecules,forming a large number of covalent compounds,ionization energy and reactivity.

The internuclear distance in Deuterium is greater than that in Hydrogen

Tritium is the most dense isotope of hydrogen.

High Purity dihydrogen is obtained by electrolysing cool Barium hydroxide with nickel electrodes

In the process of production of Syngas from coal \(\ce{CO}\) is obtained as a byproduct .

In the water gas shift reaction \(\ce{CO2}\) Is removed by using Sodium Antimonite solution

Dielectric constant of Heavy water is greater than that of normal water.

The H-H bond dissociation enthalpy is the lowest for a single bond between two atoms of any element

The synthesis of methanol can be done using a mixture of \(\ce{CO}\) and \(\ce{N2}\).


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