Inspired by " No way out, by Brian Charlesworth"

Geometry Level 3

On the same side of a straight line three circles are drawn as follows:

A circle with a radius of 4 cm is tangent to the line, the other two circles are equal, and each is tangent to the line and to the other two circles. What is the possible radius of these circles?

(A) 24 cm only
(B) 20 cm only
(C) 16 cm only
(D) No solutions
(E) 24 and 20 cm only
(F) 20 and 16 cm only
(G) 16 and 24 cm only
(H) 16, 20, 14 cm only

\[\] Note: A diagram has not been provided because drawing the correct diagram is part of the "problem solving."


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