There's So Many Selection!

You're in a stationary shop where a pen cost 50p and a pencil cost 15p. You want to buy a collection of pens and pencils and you have £25 (£1 is equivalent to 100p) to spend.

In how many ways can you spend exactly £25 pounds on buying those pens and pencils?

Details and Assumptions:

  • One way of spending exactly £25 pounds in that shop is buying only pens, that this spending £25 pounds on buying 50 pens. It is up to your personal choice on how many pens and how many pencils you want to buy, but before making a decision, you need to consider all possible combinations of set of pens and pencils you can buy, exactly in your budget.

  • You have no restriction on the minimum number of pens or pencils you should buy.

  • Another example of spending exactly £25 pounds on stationary collection is buying 20 pens and 100 pencils.


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