Intermolecular distances!

Classical Mechanics Level pending

Let \(d_{L}\) and \(d_{V}\) represent the average distances between molecules in the liquid phase and in the vapour phase, respectively. Assume that both phases are at 100°C and atmospheric pressure and the vapour behaves like an ideal gas. Calculate the ratio \( \dfrac{d_{V}}{d_{L}}\).

Use the following data:

Density is waste in liquid phase: \(10^3 \) kg per cubic metre

Molar mass of water: \(1.8 \times 10^{-2}\) kg per mole

Atmospheric pressure: \(10^5\) newton per square metre

Gas constant: 8.3 joule per mole kelvin

Avogadro's Number: \(6 \times 10^{23}\)


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