IPL Fever 4

IPL, The Indian Premier League, Is a Cricket Tournament Held IN India. Well, That was just the Intro, Nothing to Do with the Question.

Every IPL Match, There is a pop-up Question On the T.V. Screen. The reward of the Question Is a talk to an Expert in the Commentary Box. The Expert that the award winner talks to is chosen at Random.

One fine day, A Fan who was desperate To ask A question To Particularly 1 of the Experts., Participated in the Contest. Supposing that there are 120 People Who take part in the Contest, What is the Probability That The Fan Gets to Talk to The Expert of his choice?

The Probability Of this happening Can be Expressed \(\dfrac{a}{b}\) FInd a +b

Note:- There are 3 experts in the commentary Box at that time.


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