Is Chris Gayle batting?

In a T20 international cricket match, the team batting first needs a six to cross the 200-run mark. An explosive batsman faces an equally aggressive fast bowler. The bowler bowls the ball. The batsman hits the ball with the speed equal to a root of the equation:

\[0.142x^4 - 10x^3 + 217.857x^2 - 1500x\]

If the stand in where the ball landed has benches of width 1 meter and height 1 meter, starting from 110 meters from the crease, find out on which bench would it land. If you are sitting on the 5th bench, will a potato grow on your head?

If yes then add 1 to your answer and if no then add 2 to your answer.

Details and Assumptions:

  • Air drag is negligible.

  • Angle of projection is 0.925 radian.

  • Height at which the ball was hit is 1 meter.

PS. This problem ain't original.

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