Is this too much chocolate for one girl?

Emily really loves chocolate, but lately she has been indecisive on what kinds of chocolate to eat. She currently has a collection of various chocolate squares of 1 square inch, 2 square inches, and 3 square inches.

Type \(\quad\) # of 1 square"\(\quad\) # of 2 square"\(\quad\) # of 3 square"

Milk \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\)5 \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\)3 \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\)7

White \(\quad\) \(\quad\) 4 \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) 2 \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\)1

Dark \(\quad\) \(\quad\) 2 \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) 3 \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) \(\quad\) 2

If Emily is only allowed to eat 18 or less square inches of chocolate today, then how many combinations can she choose from to eat her chocolate?


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