Itinerary. Noun. A planned route or journey, a travel document recording these

Logic Level 3

There are 4 people: Wade, Xavier, Yolanda and Zoey. They each traveled to Australia, Bahamas, Canada and Denmark on January and July this year.

Each person only knew their own itineraries for both trips and did not know what the others' favorite numbers are. They each were told these 4 facts:

  • Each traveled to a distinct location and they never travel to the same place in the same year.

  • Xavier didn't visit Australia at all, and Zoey didn't visit Bahamas nor Denmark at all.

  • Yolanda didn't visit Canada in January nor did she visit Denmark in July.

  • Wade visited Canada in July.

Among these 4 people, who are able to figure out everyone's itineraries?


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