Journey of a Train!

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One train travels cross country between 2 major Stations, A and B. Total distance between two major Station is 1742 km. Train do one round trip in a week from A to B and B to A.

  • Train departs from Station A on Day 1 at 10.00 AM and reaches Station B at certain time on Day 2.
  • Small Station C comes in between the journey which is 854.25 km away from Station A. Train reaches there at 10.45 PM on Day 1.
  • Train starts return trip from Station B to A on Day 3 at 3.00 PM. While on return journey, train travels on average 1/4 higher speed than earlier trip.

You need to tell at what time train must be arriving on Station C on return journey.??

You may assume that average speed of the train throughout the journey remains the same.

You may round off all figures till 2 digits as well.



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