Large families in Singapore

Logic Level 3

A certain family in Singapore has seven children - four sons and three daughters. Their names are Alicia, Brenda, Craig, David, Elliot, Felix and Grace (not in any particular order other than alphabetical order). You were interested to find out who the oldest is, who the second oldest is and so on.

Since their parents were both not around, you interviewed them and this is what they told you:

  • Alicia: "I am older than both Brenda and Grace."
  • Brenda: "I am younger than Alicia but older than Craig."
  • Craig: "I am younger than both Brenda and Grace."
  • David: "I am older than both Alicia and Grace."
  • Elliot: "I am younger than both Brenda and Craig."
  • Felix: "I am younger than Grace but older than Brenda."
  • Grace: "I am younger than David but older than Brenda."

On the basis of order of age, assign a number from 1 (oldest) to 7 (youngest) to each of the names. Then concatenate the numbers according to the alphabetical order of the corresponding names (i.e. number assigned to Alicia, number assigned to Brenda..... number assigned to Grace) as your answer.


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