Lava and Land

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On the origin of the Cartesian plane stands a Calvin Lin. He is at a corner of a \(82452452623423525 \times 82452452623423525\) square grid with corners at \( (0,0) , (0, 82452452623423525 ) , (82452452623423525 ,0) \) and \((82452452623423525 , 82452452623423525 ) \).

The line \(y = x\) marks the boundary between the land half of the grid and the lava half of the grid.

Calvin Lin will randomly walk along the grid edges, but he will only walk up or to the right. If he walks into lava, he will not be able to do math for the rest of his life. His home is on the opposite side of the grid.

All Calvin wants to do is to get back to his house. But Calvin has a bad sense of direction, along with his disability of only going in two directions. His legs will randomly move up or to the right with equal probability.

Given that Calvin cannot walk off of the grid, what is the reciprocal of the probability that when Calvin arrives at his house, he will still be able to do math again?


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