Leaking the Gas

There's a person in the middle of a sealed room. The person's height is \(1.8\text{m}\) and the room's height is \(3.5\text{m}\).

There's an LPG and LNG pipe, each of them going straight up from the floor to the ceiling, and the gases are flowing though the pipe at a same speed and same direction.

Now you're going to make one hole in each pipe, making the gases to leak to the same direction.

  • Height \(A\) is the height of just above the floor.

  • Height \(B\) is the height of exactly the middle of the floor and the ceiling.

  • Height \(C\) is the height of just below the ceiling.

In which case would the person survive the longest?

Clarification: Both LNG and LPG are lethal to human body, and there are absolutely no sparks in the room. The person stands still until he dies. The pipes are in one corner of the room.


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