Let's blame Eve

Probability Level 4

In the garden of Eden, there are 88 trees which bear fruit. There is the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, the Tree of Life, the Abiu Tree, the Babaco Tree, the Cherimoya Tree, the Durian Tree, the Emblic Tree and the Feijoa Tree. One fine day, Adam was hungry and asked Eve to pick 44 fruits for him. How many ways are there for Eve to present 44 fruits, of which at least one of them is from the Tree of Life, and none of them are from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil?

Details and assumptions

Eve is allowed to pick several fruits from each tree.

Since Adam only sees the final selection of fruits, the order of picking doesn't matter - presenting (Durian, Durian, Durian, Life ) is the same as presenting (Durian, Life, Durian, Durian).

Apart from the first 2 trees, the rest of the names are actual fruit trees.


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